More Site Updates

By Bill Graziano on 19 August 2000 | Tags: Site News

The new Forum is up and seems to be working fine. If you have any trouble, please email me and I'll look into it. Please take a second and read this item. I've make some faily major change to how user accounts work. Thanks, -graz.

All user management is now handled by the Forum code. I downloaded the Snitz Forums and it's been great. It's pure ASP and SQL. If you're looking for forum software, please check these people out. Of course, I've only had this in production for about 3 minutes now so we'll see after a week or so how it does.

The only place to login is now the forum page. You need to create a user account in order to post on the forums. You do not need to create a user account to read the posts. All the existing user accounts were converted over to the forums. I did delete everyone's email address from the new accounts since it shows publicly. If you'd like your email address to show, you can update your profile in the forums.

I converted all the posts from the old Forums over to the new ones. I'm planning to convert the comments attached to the Polls and Items pretty soon also, probably this weekend. I'm also going to make a concerted effort to get all the questions we haven't answered posted in the forum this weekend. Enjoy :)

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