ApexSQL Giving Away 25 Copies of Enforce

By Bill Graziano on 7 May 2008 | Tags: Site News

ApexSQL is launching a new product called Enforce.  As part of their launch they are giving away twenty-five copies to our members for participating in the forums.  Read on for the details and to find out if you've already won.

apexsql enforce box

ApexSQL is giving away twenty-five copies of their new product ApexSQL Enforce. Using the software you can

  • Ensure adherence to design standards in "real time"
  • Facilitate upgrades to new versions of SQL Server by identifying potential conversion problems before the database is ported
  • Automatically reverse or fix detected violations using generated "FixSQL" scripts
  • Enforce Naming conventions and ensure that SQL reserved words and special characters are not used

The first group that wins is the moderators.  They give of their time to keep the forums free of spam and other trash.  I just can't thank them enough.  I can give them some software though :)  Thanks Merkin, robvolk, spirit1, tkizer and jsmith8858.  I very much appreciate all your hard work.

The remaining twenty copies are going to the forum members with the most posts from January 2008 through April 2008.  Those winners are

MemberName                     PostCount
------------------------------ -----------
visakh16                       2560
Peso                           2225
rmiao                          1901
madhivanan                     1086
sodeep                         1068
harsh_athalye                  776
dataguru1971                   421
nr                             394
khtan                          378
TG                             335
elancaster                     301
jezemine                       296
jackv                          290
Michael Valentine Jones        274
jdaman                         251
Lamprey                        235
RickD                          188
X002548                        166
jhocutt                        147
RyanRandall                    147

(20 row(s) affected)

I'll be sending each you of you an email with the details of how to claim your prize.  Thanks to all of you for bringing us your questions and your answers. And thanks to Brian and the gang at ApexSQL for letting us give away some of their software.

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