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By Bill Graziano on 31 October 2007 | Tags: Site News

We're running a contest in the forums this month to reward people for their participation. ApexSQL is donating one hundred copies of their Developer Studio to for us to give away.  That's $100,000 worth of software they're giving away.  To you.  We're going to give these away to our members based on their participation in the forums.  Read on for the details.  And to find out if you're already a winner!

The software we're giving away is ApexSQL's Developer Studio.  The tools in ApexSQL Developer Studio include:

ApexSQL Edit The Ultimate Editor/IDE for SQL Server.  Includes powerful snippets, object browser, intelliprompt and more.
ApexSQL Audit Active data auditing for SQL Server.  Includes multiple modules for reporting, data management, trigger management and more.
ApexSQL Clean Search and Destroy for unreferenced SQL Objects in both the database and client code. Includes powerful visual dependency viewer.
ApexSQL Code The ultimate code generation tool, perfectly streamlined for SQL Server Database developers.
ApexSQL Diff Compare and Synchronize Databases.  Includes Command Line Interface.
ApexSQL Doc Powerful Database documentation (.chm and .html).
ApexSQL Script Convert Database Structures and Data into scripts, EXE's, packages etc. for versioning, deployment and more.

I have two goals in this contest.  The first is to thank people that have been participating in the forums for the hard work they've done.  My second goal is to encourage more people to ask and answer questions in the forums.


The first group I'm going to reward are the moderators.  They volunteer their time to keep spam out, lock duplicate posts and keep an eye on things.  The forums wouldn't run at all without their help. The first group of winners are Merkin, robvolk, spirit1, tkizer and jsmith8858.  They will each receive a free copy of ApexSQL's Developer Studio. Thank you again for the great work you do.

January 2007 through October 2007

The next group I'd like to reward are those people that have posted over the course of this year.  I'm totaling up posts and replies from January 1st, 2007 through October 31st, 2007.  The top 45 in that group will each receive a free copy of ApexSQL's Developer Studio.  I'll post that list in the comments of this article.  If you're one of the top 45 posters over the last ten months ... Congratulations!  You're already a winner!  Note that this list won't include the moderators listed above.

November 2007

The final group I'd like to reward are those that are active during November.  The top 10 posters in November will each win free software.  The rest of the software will be given away in a drawing.  Each topic or reply during November of 2007 will get you one entry into the contest.  This list won't include anyone that already won for their previous activity.  I'll select 40 members at random from this list.  The more posts you make the more chances you have to win.  You can only win once though.

Other Assorted Rules:

  1. You can only win once.  Even though Tara is a moderator, #5 on the list of active posters for 2007 and will probably have a high post count in November she can only win once.
  2. If you win I'm going to send your email address to ApexSQL so you can claim your prize.  Before I do that I'll send you an email allowing you to opt out of this award.  (If you opt out I don't have any other awards.)  You'll have three business days to opt out.  It will take them 2-4 weeks to process the list.  When they process the order you'll be entered into their system as a customer which includes a subscription to their newsletter.  You can opt out of the newsletter if you'd like.
  3. I'm excluding certain forums from this list.  There are private (hidden) forums for bloggers, moderators and authors.  These are all excluded.  I'm also excluding the Yak Corral and the Site News forums.
  4. We're also going to watch for people that are too obvious about pumping up their post count.  If someone posts three new jokes every day in the Yak Corral we're probably not going to look too kindly on that.  Just be reasonable in what you post and we won't have any problems.  My decision in this is final and binding.  Please don't abuse what we're trying to accomplish here.
  5. My decisions are final, binding and arbitrary.  I'll do my best to be fair to everyone.  There are situations that these rules haven't covered so I'll have to make a judgment call on those.

In Conclusion

Remember the more posts you have in November the better your chance to win.  However having the highest post count doesn't guarantee that you will win.  Each post you make is an entry into the contest.  A hearty Thank You to all of you that participate in the forums.  And a final Thank You to ApexSQL for donating the software and making this possible. 

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