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 Article: Returning a Single Random Row

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Posted - 2000-09-23 : 12:11:01
Earlier we published an article on quickly creating a sequential number. In this article we'll use that technique to quickly select one random record from a table. We'll even cover assigning a weight to each record. Can someone say banner ads?

Article Link.

Starting Member

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Posted - 2002-03-28 : 14:50:14

I found a method to pull a single random row that is soooooo easy (I wish I'd thought of it.) No min/max or Ubound/lbound or averaging.

Select top 1 [data you want from row]
from [table or whatever]
Order By NEWID()

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Jedi Yak

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Posted - 2002-03-28 : 15:57:47
OMG, that works!! Now that is an elegant solution!
Now, I'm not sure on how random it really is, but it seems pretty random in my testing.


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Posted - 2002-03-28 : 16:00:27
My mind is blown . . .

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SQL Gigolo

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Posted - 2002-03-28 : 17:12:01
Jay, thanks for the link I read thru all those tips and found some cool info.


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