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 Article: Multiple Random Records w/Single Select

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Posted - 2000-10-03 : 18:01:43
Reverend writes "This has got me. I am looking for a way to create a record set with multiple random values using a single, non-iterated/non-looped, select statement. On a 265 record DB I even tried . . .

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Posted - 2003-12-09 : 12:00:09
You can also use the Sine-function to generate a nearly-random sequence:

"select top 10 * from myTable order by Sin(UnitID * Rand() * 1000)"

With UnitID being a unique value for each record. The 1000 ensures that the numbers are not within the same 2pi-period.
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Posted - 2010-04-23 : 01:58:11
I have saved 1000 Question in Sql server 2005 database table And I want to retrieve the any 50 questions in random order just like the online exam pattern for perticular session.

MY name is Kamlesh
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