Peter Larsson

Peter Larsson is a VB MCP, SQL Server MCDBA and SQL Server MVP.

He started out as a high school mathematics and physics teacher in early '90s. The programming world was more attractive so he changed career 1993 using VB3.0 (MS Access backend) when he started his own company Developer Workshop. His professional SQL experience started a short time thereafter with 4.21 for a limited time (some weeks only).

Today, he mixes his employments with consultant assignments, depending on the nature of work to do. He still does some presentations and hold workshops and seminars for SQL Server.

When Peter is not online, he's renovating his house, watching movies or just having fun with his kids. He is soon to be married with Jennie and have 2 daughters (1.5 and 5 year) and a boy to be born first week of October 2009.


Efficiently Reuse Gaps in an Identity Column (9 February 2010)

DATEDIFF Function Demystified (20 March 2007)

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