Garth Wells

Garth Wells has been working with SQL Server since version 4.2a, and has done browser-based development with Classic ASP and .Net for four years. He has authored two books (one of which was translated into Chinese) and numerous articles on SQL Server. Garth also provides document imaging consulting and is a certified solution provider for Kofax Ascent Capture. He can be he can be reached via


Using DTS to Automate a Data Import Process (11 August 2002)

Generating ADO Parameters with Information Schema Views (10 December 2001)

Using Derived Tables to Calculate Aggregate Values (18 November 2001)

An Introduction to Triggers -- Part II (4 November 2001)

Counting Transactions per Hour using a Pivot Table (9 September 2001)

Exporting Data Programatically with bcp and xp_cmdshell (1 July 2001)

Calculating Running Totals (7 May 2001)

An Introduction to Triggers -- Part I (30 April 2001)

Using BULK INSERT to Load a Text File (19 March 2001)

Handling Custom Errors in a Client Application (5 March 2001)

Handling Errors in Stored Procedures (5 February 2001)

Using COALESCE to Build Comma-Delimited String (1 February 2001)

Dynamic ORDER BY (22 January 2001)

Implementing a Dynamic WHERE Clause (14 January 2001)

Intro to User Defined Functions (Updated) (8 January 2001)

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