SQL Server CE 2.0 Released

By Bill Graziano on 17 September 2002 | Tags: SQL for CE

Microsoft released SQL Server CE 2.0. SQL Server CE 2.0 includes updates to:

  • Query analyzer. The query analyzer has been updated to improve the user interface for easier object management.
  • Query processor. The query processor enables you to streamline your code with new intrinsic functions and parameterized queries.
  • Storage engine. The storage engine includes major improvements to remote data access functionality, including index pulls and UPLOAD-only features. In addition, the storage engine now supports the same number of indexes (249) per table as Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Connectivity wizards. This step-by-step guide can help you quickly set up your security and connectivity options for data replication.
  • ISQLW. This on-device query tool enables you to store queries and view the schema on the device.

Link: SQL Server CE 2.0 Released

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